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*This was originally posted over at Defying Shadows blog.* I don’t know about you, but for me sometimes dealing with people with my twins autism is hard. One time at the store. We were in line getting ready to pay for … Continue reading

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Questions I Had About Autism

*This was originally posted over at Defying Shadows blog.* Questions. We all have them. I think we have them even more after a family member is diagnosed with a mental health condition. I know I did.  For sure after we … Continue reading

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Disappearing Friends-Autism-and A Godly Response

  You know this meme had me thinking. Want to know who your friends are? Have a child with Autism. IT IS SO TRUE! Like, people don’t talk about this at all. Well, it needs to be talked about. When … Continue reading

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So Not A Supermom

A couple of weeks ago we had some guests over and when they were leaving one of them said, “you’re a supermom.” I have to say it took all I had in me to resist rolling my eyes at said … Continue reading

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