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I don’t know about you, but for me sometimes dealing with people with my twins autism is hard. One time at the store. We were in line getting ready to pay for our groceries and I had all four kids with me. The twins were having a rough sensory day and this mama was flat our worn out.

It felt like everything was coming against my family that day. My patience was running super thin at this point. Twins had a few meltdowns in the store and I couldn’t figure out why. Might have been the lighting in the store or whatever they used to clean with.

This one particular store would always set them off.

So, we’re in line like I said and twin two starts screaming like crazy and then his brother joins in. I’m boxed in with customer in front of us and four behind us. I can’t get out to take to the car to help. Hubby could have paid for our things.

The person behind us starts by rolling their eyes at me. I’m seriously trying to be nice and calm the boys down. My husband and daughters are trying as well. Most were being nice to us, but one. You guessed it the person behind us.

He starts in a loud voice, “you need to spank their behinds.” At this point, I’d been praying and still was ready to snap. I turned around and my poor husband said under his breath, oh my no wrong thing to say to my wife.

I tried to explain in a calm voice that they have autism and we’re having a sensory issue, which they can’t help. I was going the best I could.

He wasn’t having it and pretty much called me a horrible parent and that spanking the autism out of them would help.

I snapped. I went off and said some not so nice things, which I shouldn’t have and regretted saying.

Some in line and on each side were getting upset with how this man was acting toward my family and was telling him. My husband stepped in as well. It was a mess.

Looking back now I could have handled it a lot better. I tend to go all mama bear on someone who is mean to my babies. I did remove us from the situation as soon as I was able to get through, and they calmed down once we got to our van. They couldn’t help the overload on their sensory system

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